The Child in God; God in the Child

The Child in God.  God in the Child:  Sept. 4, 2017

As we were created by God as His children, created perfectly, with all the attributes which God endowed creatures. We were perfect as God was perfect, holy as God was holy, a true prodigy of God that was the light of the world. 

As we chose our own will a darkness entered the world.  For thousands of years we were under the letter of the law.  We tested and tried God with our will in every way possible.  God became long suffering holding on to His people through grace.  Yet even through grace we continued to step on the obvious signs of God’s love such as the parting of the sea, manna from heaven.  God’s people called out for the Messiah, looking for a king in this world. 

In a manger, a babe was born, a child given, a sign of what we were to become, a babe, one who trusts and receives.  Born of a virgin, raised in a hidden life of silence and prayer, He finally came to a public life, sent on the road to Calvary by His Mother, Our Mother of the Church Mary most holy. 

Jesus came to show us the way, not just give us the way.  We must follow Him on this same road that leads one back to their heart, back to the desert where they trust and become a child once more.  For unless one follows the path that Jesus has laid out for each of us, one cannot learn to receive. 

Our Father in Heaven can give each creature the greatest gift He can give.  He gave man free will.  This is the will of man over the Will of God.  Think of this.  Your will can crush the Will of God.  Yet in doing this, you also crush your own soul.  One can only be made perfect by receiving, for the soul is hard-wired to God.  The soul can never be happy unless it rests in God.  It must finally come to the point where it cries out, “not my will, but thine be done.”  In this the climb begins for the soul to understand that all is God’s will and you have but one choice with your will in this world, and that is a “yes or no” to God in whether to receive or not receive what is presented to you in this very moment. 

God is not asking you to change what is happening.  He is asking you to receive what is happening.  He is not asking you to be happy with what is happening.  In fact, it may be morally wrong.  He is asking you to receive what is happening.  He is asking you to receive what is happening with a grateful heart that is filled with thanksgiving and praise, for the only true sacrifice is a heart filled with thanksgiving and praise. 

It is easy to find a heart praising God when things are going their way, yet quite another to find a heart truly filled with praise when things are not going their way.  It is also quite another to find a soul that is asking for a blessing for another that may have just hurt them, or a soul that is committing calumny against them.  One rarely finds a soul that does not resist evil as scripture asks of one.  It takes much for a soul to bring their will to this instant, just this instant, where all is Will of God, for that is all that I have, this instant to praise God, to be that child filled with praise, filled with joy, filled with abandonment to My Creator who will take care of me.  I ask you to attempt this for even an hour and one can see that we wander off to inattentiveness. However, do not let this discourage you.  God has worked all out for man to bring all back into Him.  As Christ said, “you will do greater things, than I.”  We will speak more of this for God’s work is profound in you if you are attentive, and have the desire to return to the order, purpose and place for which you have been created.  God Bless and have a peaceful day in Christ, you receiving and Christ acting in you. 

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