It’s All About Love – Aug. 11, 2017

   2008-07-03 17.04.08It has been quite some time since I have written on this site and much has happened since we have stopped for a time for God to work in each of our souls.  As I have explained before, the House of Nazareth, is the place where Mary, Mother of God raised Jesus, Son of God.  However, the House of Nazareth is much more than that.  Over the years we have seen so many changes from a solid firm community, to God slowly stripping each of us to be unto His own.  There where those called more to the active life and those called back to God as we all know the loss of Fr. John Brown.  He was much loved in this life as he taught many about living in the Divine Will as he spent years with us at the House of Nazareth learning what it meant to be contemplative.

It was indeed a difficult struggle for all as our wills rubbed against each other and we learned the true meaning of love.  It is one thing to say, “I have read the volumes, I live in the Divine Will and quite another to actually have your will bound to the throne of God vowing to never give life to it again.  The power of the Holy Spirit will go after your will savagely and with not much pity to your whining “why me Lord”.  The road is narrow and the gate even narrower that leads to God for one turns to face the fire, climbs into the wine press to be ground fine again.  In this they are poured out as food for others to receive grace, “no loner I, but Christ who lives in me.”

Suffering is no longer offered up, for one has nothing to offer to Christ.  They receive, like a hungry bird, waiting for the worm to be dropped into it’s waiting mouth; and the soul waits in peace and joy.  Their burden is truly light and the yoke is easy.  We hear these words and wonder, will it ever happen.  Well it’s does dear souls.  I know this site has lost many readers.  I do hope that you will check in again, as I will continue Desert Morning several days during the week as God wills me to write about, “Love”.

How does one write about love, you might ask.  There is Uncreated Love and created love. Uncreated Love is the love of God.  Created love is the love that man generates for each other and is an emotion that one might feel for another.  I can have all the emotion for another in the world and it may not bring me to heaven in the end.  In fact it might condemn me to hell.  Love is about sacrifice. Am I willing to die for another, die to everything dear in my life,  die to become Christ in this world.  If I am not, then I probably am not even living Christianity 101.    I have  attempted to teach others the value of suffering and most especially the insults and rejecting of a word said in slight or insult to their ego, and I have lost those closest to me over the years, even those that have come for spiritual direction.  Why, they cannot seem to get past the insults and receive sufferings to their ego.  In their soul each of us seem to think we are better than Christ and should not be insulted, setting self up as the thief on the cross that demands to Jesus, “If you are the Christ, then get us down from here.”  Yet it is the very reception of insults and all sufferings that eventually strips the will of self and leads the soul to becoming “uncreated love” inasmuch as is possible for a finite creature.  The more you abandon self the to the fire the more the soul is molded into the fine gold which becomes the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Yes, we want all our prayers answered, we want to live in God’s will, yet when the Holy Spirit sends the fire of purgation to do just what we pray for, we leave, and Christ must say to us, “will you leave me too.”  So, friends, as we have had years apart, I ask you, “have you left Him too?  Have you been able to stay firm in receiving, in the continued reading of this site, which I left posted for all, that you might study and continue to grow, as the Holy Spirit has worked on your soul.   Are you still kneeling before the cross, crying out why, take away my suffering.  Are we lamenting before the cross, or are you up on the cross looking at the world through His eyes receiving your suffering saying let it be done unto me according to your will and giving thanks and praise, the only acceptable sacrifice to God our Father through Christ our Lord that Mary may pour grace out over the world according to His designs, not yours.  In this you are on the narrow road to become uncreated love. Blessings from the heart of the Desert.  Amen!

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