A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness – Jan. 30, 2015

A Voice Crying Out in the Wilderness – Jan. 30, 2015
There is but one true gift and that is the gift of the Christ child. He is the only gift, the gift of innocence, mercy and truth. Humble and meek, subject to all, those that would harm him, and those that would love and exalt him. In the purest state of an infant, he has come to do the will of his Father, without question. Even now he knows and understands his mission and not one act, not one supplication of love is missed as he moans desiring to teach love that we may become love. He came that he may exchange destiny with us, taking upon himself the darkness of our will and leaving the light of the will of God so that we may enter fully into what we were created for, Divine Life in God. To live the supernatural in a natural world so that this world may become the supernatural of God, all being God and all living and recognizing God as actor and spectator of their lives. To bring all that is God into the darkness of this world that the world may once more be light. “You will do greater things than I,” beginning with the Christ child; understanding that at his birth He requited God in love, exchanged the darkness with light, supplicated, implored the Father, suffocated death repeatedly in the womb for the ingratitude of man. All of this tiny baby’s heart was turned to the Father’s will that you may have a gift in the fullness of time. Suffering is life, it was His life from the womb to bring joy to you. Your joy lies in accepting the Christ child into your heart and understanding that every day is Advent, every day is the Passion, and every day is Easter. Each is of the same value when lived as life for the glory of God, when lived in the will of God. This is what the Christ infant lived, this is what the Christ child lived and this is what Christ lived always. He always faced God. He never faced his people. In this the love was pure that flowed to his people. Take time to kneel and take the infant into your heart and as an infant you will be born into the will of God with your yes and faith in knowing. Never look back, do not distrust, for those that look back are not worthy of him and accepting of the most precious gift given, Christ.
Let’s take a look at symbolism and paradox. Christ was born in a stable. That stable is the foulest place for the most innocent to be born but where he most desired to be born. You are that stable. He had animals around him to give him homage, the animals who never violate his will, a cow is a cow is a cow and never tries to be other than a cow. Yet man, with the use of his human will can behave as animals in behavior, acting from their baser form to scrap and fight to have their way. We are human, but we will behave as a ravaged wolf tearing each other to pieces to have our way and in doing so tear the Will of God apart.
There was a lamb which represented the sacrificial lamb which Christ was to be; and there was the poor shepherd who paid first homage to the king. You cannot worship mammon and follow Christ.
The lessons were beginning in the mute silence in the chamber for those with the eyes to see, for those to see it is the poverty of spirit that Christ seeks. You must become that empty, humble home, filled only with the true love of transparency so that the Christ child might see his own image as He is born in you. He does not want to be born in a heart filled with self, but into an empty manger that is filled with a disposition of the sacrificial lamb, one willing to give what He values most, his will. In this soul, He desires to be born. So give Him the only gift with meaning, your will. and don’t take it back. Let your yes be your yes.
There has always been a voice crying out in the wilderness, Repent, make way for the coming of the Lord. I suppose there will be a voice crying in the wilderness for a long time to come. Why do they refer to the voice in the wilderness? The reason is, so few agree to go. They refuse to repent, they refuse to go to the wilderness of their heart where they must live with the Beloved. Think about the wilderness, the desert, the dryness; or you may think about a wilderness where you do have water, but it is still desolate, for there is not one other soul there. No one but you, and there in the stillness of your heart, you will meet Him. However, this must happen in true repentance, and you must sit in the desolation of your mind and senses. Most souls become impatient, either feeling they have arrived at what they are seeking, or they truly turn back with willful thought of action. The first, feeling they have arrived, never enter into the fullness of true purging of soul, true darkness of the light, the cloud of unknowing God; to those I ask, each day you must ask ‘am I fully Christ?’ This means I identify with him in everything, it is him moving me, breathing in me suffering in me, my life is no longer my own but belongs to him with no hesitations or yes one minute and no the next, but it is always Christ moving and living in you in a hidden life of dying in each act that he may rise to the Father.
As a man, he died and was resurrected. It was the beginning of the hidden life of Christ being born in each of his creatures, that they may have the resurrected life, not a disordered life, but of truth, beauty, sanctity, wholeness, of Him, born in each of us. This is all the Father desires to see, his Son, for you have nothing to offer the Father when it is offered from a will covered in the darkness of self. Only light and like offered to the Father is what is acceptable. So let Him be born as He desires to be born, in truth, in Love, in His will.

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