Creation and Redemption, Rise in Love – Jan. 29, 2015

Creation and Redemption, Rise in Love – Jan. 29, 2015
To create is to call things out of nothing. Man does not have this ability. Even when man works with his hands on a project he works with materials given to him by God. He does not create from nothing. He does not preserve in his creation the integrity, the beauty that God created in His creation. He may use wood, but it is God who has created the tree and preserved within that tree the original beauty and design of the wood.
God created the tree out of nothing and it is important to acknowledge God in all of his creative acts in the heartbeat of love. When you recognize this, you recognize your Creator hidden, waiting, to begin a game of love with his creature, calling you forward that you might become operative together with Him in all of His creative works. To create means to stretch out one’s life, to hide His creating will in the very thing created by Him. When one acknowledges His creative will in all that he created, it is as if a key unlocks a chamber in your heart to release the will of God that it may become operative in you. This is what happens in doing the rounds, you literally can feel lifted out of your being into the very life of God which is what should happen, for you are dying in each act, and divine life rises in the death of His life. This is why it is so important for you to be attentive. Remember those words. Christ finishes so often the passages of the volumes with be attentive. Be attentive to each act, that you may die and divine life may rise.
The will of God is in disguise in all created things. He has placed his wisdom, sanctity, beauty, love, kisses of knowledge and operative life for the one who is attentive. The one who recognizes this enters into the operative life and their will quickly becomes docile before God, and the will of God becomes their operative will as they now act as one. Just as in creation, so too in redemption, there are no past acts, all acts are universal, past, present and future. Christ is always in the act of conceiving, of being born, of crying, of suffering, dying and rising. This is why I continually say all belongs to Christ. It is through Him, with Him and in Him. Apart from that, there is no value to our works. It is creation and redemption calling the creature to act together as one, Christ once more, for it is all that Our Father in Heaven desires to see. You were created in view of His Son, uniquely, beautifully, one alone. ‘I am in you, you are in me, restore them with the glory we had before time began.’ (Jn 17). This is paraphrased, but you would do well to meditate on Jn 17.
The redemptive acts of Jesus were acts of requiting love lost to his Father, not for us to plead for our brother or sister. Do you not trust God in what God has willed in their suffering for their ultimate good to bring them home to him? Remember, God’s first thought is the soul, not the flesh. We think the opposite. Living in the will of God you remain immutable with Him in all that He wills. Let it be done, and you act together in the acts of redemption placing no judgement on anything, but knowing that all that God wills is love for the coming of the kingdom in each soul. You are here to be operative with Him and that is only your yes in all that He wills as He calls you to Him, to act together as one in being, one in light, one in truth, one in love.
The sun rises on the soul, just as my will rises in the soul each day. The soul has the choice to say yes and be nourished by God and have true life by dying in each act, or, they may die in their life by saying no and living in the darkness of their will and claiming their acts for themselves. In doing this they glorify themselves on earth, they receive their glory now.
“I turn my face and the sun of light to the soul who will say yes to Me and be nourished by Me, receive their life from Me by dying in each act. When I nourish a soul they receive my divine qualities, my sanctity, my wisdom, my holiness, my power. They enter into a relationship of love with their Creator where as she grows beautiful, strong and returns to me my love, I increase this love in return to her. This love continues to grow to the infinite, her receiving, growing, returning and I increasing in her all that I am. She remains in me, empty of self, filled with love for all of creation, for all that refuse to be nourished. She is the one who rises each day, as the sun rises to give life to all, she is my nourishment, she is the nourishment of her brothers, she is in act in the prime act, she is the ‘I love you’ for all. She is the sacrifice of her will that my will may reign on earth as it is in heaven. She has become the image and likeness of my Son, and she mirrors the Trinitarian love. What I would not give to this soul who loves me so, to sacrifice her will that I might love on earth as I do in heaven. I give my very life to the soul who abandons to me that I might consume such a soul in my life even as I long to be consumed in their very being that they become life on Earth as it is in Heaven.” (‘She’ referring to the soul.) Amen!

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