Your Faith Has Healed You – Jan. 28, 2015

“Your Faith has Healed You” – Jan 28, 2015
The tyranny of the human will is so devious and we are so subject to our own will that we are unaware the many ways we try to manipulate the will of God. You must remember that the human will is almost always at war with the soul, and the soul with the flesh, which our human will desires to be the controlling influence of our lives, keep our flesh happy.
God is not interested in our flesh. In this, if our soul is in danger He will do what is necessary to the flesh to have our soul turn to him and remain with him. That may be, depending on the strength of your will, something extremely harsh. The human will not only wages war against its own flesh leaving the soul torn to shreds, it also wages war against God. Each act of the human will separates you from your Creator. This is one reason He speaks repeatedly about the harm of one act not done in the will of God, and about the great value of one act done in the will of God. He pleads for you to be attentive, not missing a single act done in the Divine will that you might become continuous act leading to the prime act of God from which all flows. You must understand that it is God’s will disowned which allows your soul to live in a darkness that light cannot penetrate. The soul, choosing his own will, is just as Adam in the garden, once more throwing all into darkness. If you are called to live the gift, then live it intently. Be attentive in your acknowledgement of God in all things. All is God, all is his will. It is that simple to live in his will. It is only when we decide that we need to discern what God’s will is that we are using our own will. It was never given to man to know the will of God, but to live the will of God, to love God in all that God wills. The human will would have you be self sufficient, control, judge all things for yourself. NO, place the apple back on the tree, all is God all is his will.
With the coming of the Christ child, one is asked to prepare their heart as a child. As we all know Advent means presence, or more accurately arrival. I pray that we have had this, a time of complete trust, the trust of a child as our Christmas season has passed and we now have Lent on the horizon, knowing that He has arrived in our hearts. Know that your faith has healed you, go and sin no more. And you will go as a child and live the gift in faith and trust. When I use the words of Christ, “your faith has healed you,” I refer to your passions quieting in the soul, “and sin no more.” Each act you are now aware of as a child, God shares with you as gift.
This is the true miracle, you are miracle, and God shares His acts with you that you might have Divine life in him. We have to do nothing but acknowledge God, be attentive and not give life to our passions. That is our work. Remember, as we are now getting ready to rend our hearts in the desert this coming Lenten season. If you will to act out in a negative way through your passions, Christ spent forty days in the desert, redid each of your acts, just your acts for you are the only one that God created. He was in agony in the garden with your soul and no one but yours, and he died on the cross for no one but you. He did this that you might have the strength to say no to all temptations and yes to life, light, and Christ in you.
You are his own, only true love, the one who lives in his will. Yet he sees all souls the same, those who live in his will and those that do not, for the Father looks at all through His Son, and now He desires to look at all through you, through His Son, made perfect in suffering.  Here lies the importance in not offering up your suffering, but embracing all that God wills until the time that one’s soul is perfected and the will of man willingly steps aside once again that the will of God reigns in their soul.    All judgements of anything in your life must cease. Do not even judge yourself. If you miss an act, or are not attentive, then let the will of God gather those acts into the prime act of God that you may be one with him, that we may all be one with him, in the one who has given your yes and lives as a child, not ‘I believe,’ but ‘I know,’ for He said so and I know that the good work you have begun in me you will bring to completion.
If you do not yet have this faith, then go forth without timidity, for there is no room for timidity in God, but go forth knowing that God desires to bring to completion all good works that He has begun in your soul. He desires only you, for He sees only you and if He cannot bring to completion in you His good works then His works would be a failure in all.
Understand this however, there must come a time when even God must shake the dust from His feet when working with a creature hardened of heart, or one who repeatedly has one foot in the world and one foot in the Kingdom of God, for the Will of God and the will of man will NEVER be reconciled. It would be far better for you to make the choice for God, be attentive and let God do. You will quickly know if you are abandoning to God or clinging to your own will, by the peace and joy in your soul.
No peace? Then I must ask you, why do you repeatedly choose to offend your greater good, choose to have ulcers, physical illness, emotional illness, passions that control your life just so that your will may control you. Think about it. May God bless you as you make this very difficult walk that it might be a walk to find the gold within your own soul. Blessings from the House of Nazareth.

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