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What is Prayer? – June 30, 2014

What is Prayer? – June 30, 2014What is prayer? I have formed this as a question, for few really understand what prayer is. Most souls who call themselves Christians should be aware that prayer is more than telling God what … Continue reading

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The ‘Merit’ of Others – June 27, 2014

Prayer for Others – June 27, 2014Usually as we come to Christ, we become accustomed to think of the ‘merit’ of other’s prayers and sufferings in too anonymous and sacramental terms, often describing them as the Church’s “treasury of prayer”. … Continue reading

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Fellowship? – June 26, 2024

Fellowship  – June 26, 2014I have heard fallen away Catholics, or those not of our faith exclaim that the Mass seems boring, that their seems to be not much ‘fellowship’ in the Church. However, each Catholic in the times to … Continue reading

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