A Self Seeking Heart

A self-seeking heart cannot find God.  They cannot find the “I Am Who Am.” Self must go.  We must seek God with our name given to me pure and holy as at baptism.  “I baptize you Janet Marie Veronica” my new name in God, holy and pure without sin, to live there without sin.  The unity between creature and God remains unique in the giving of each one being separate, even though the creature gives up their will their will always remains theirs to give, for this IS GIFT OF LOVE.  THIS IS THE GIFT OF MEANING.  I am free to give.  I see God, I see other creatures and have the freedom to acknowledge all creatures to love all freely, to bring them to God, to learn to love as God loves them freely.  This is the great joy in loving so freely for it is the love of loving uniquely, loving each individually and being the gift to always point this love towards the one true love, “I Am Who Am,” only one who can teach us to love purely. 

At the end of my life, will I see the horrible vengeful god in my life, which is self, attempting to be god, or will I see the God of love, the “I Am Who Am,” the one to whom I have given my life.  As I look upon this face of love in my soul, I will see the face of Christ, all desire for His Father, and filled with love for all souls to return home.  There will be no judgments on any creature, for but for the grace of God go I and thanks be for the grace of God that I be given the opportunity to draw all souls into my purified fundamental option, another wonderful gift from God.   

Sr. Janet Marie Veronica, J.R.S.S.M.

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The Child in God; God in the Child

The Child in God.  God in the Child:  Sept. 4, 2017

As we were created by God as His children, created perfectly, with all the attributes which God endowed creatures. We were perfect as God was perfect, holy as God was holy, a true prodigy of God that was the light of the world. 

As we chose our own will a darkness entered the world.  For thousands of years we were under the letter of the law.  We tested and tried God with our will in every way possible.  God became long suffering holding on to His people through grace.  Yet even through grace we continued to step on the obvious signs of God’s love such as the parting of the sea, manna from heaven.  God’s people called out for the Messiah, looking for a king in this world. 

In a manger, a babe was born, a child given, a sign of what we were to become, a babe, one who trusts and receives.  Born of a virgin, raised in a hidden life of silence and prayer, He finally came to a public life, sent on the road to Calvary by His Mother, Our Mother of the Church Mary most holy. 

Jesus came to show us the way, not just give us the way.  We must follow Him on this same road that leads one back to their heart, back to the desert where they trust and become a child once more.  For unless one follows the path that Jesus has laid out for each of us, one cannot learn to receive. 

Our Father in Heaven can give each creature the greatest gift He can give.  He gave man free will.  This is the will of man over the Will of God.  Think of this.  Your will can crush the Will of God.  Yet in doing this, you also crush your own soul.  One can only be made perfect by receiving, for the soul is hard-wired to God.  The soul can never be happy unless it rests in God.  It must finally come to the point where it cries out, “not my will, but thine be done.”  In this the climb begins for the soul to understand that all is God’s will and you have but one choice with your will in this world, and that is a “yes or no” to God in whether to receive or not receive what is presented to you in this very moment. 

God is not asking you to change what is happening.  He is asking you to receive what is happening.  He is not asking you to be happy with what is happening.  In fact, it may be morally wrong.  He is asking you to receive what is happening.  He is asking you to receive what is happening with a grateful heart that is filled with thanksgiving and praise, for the only true sacrifice is a heart filled with thanksgiving and praise. 

It is easy to find a heart praising God when things are going their way, yet quite another to find a heart truly filled with praise when things are not going their way.  It is also quite another to find a soul that is asking for a blessing for another that may have just hurt them, or a soul that is committing calumny against them.  One rarely finds a soul that does not resist evil as scripture asks of one.  It takes much for a soul to bring their will to this instant, just this instant, where all is Will of God, for that is all that I have, this instant to praise God, to be that child filled with praise, filled with joy, filled with abandonment to My Creator who will take care of me.  I ask you to attempt this for even an hour and one can see that we wander off to inattentiveness. However, do not let this discourage you.  God has worked all out for man to bring all back into Him.  As Christ said, “you will do greater things, than I.”  We will speak more of this for God’s work is profound in you if you are attentive, and have the desire to return to the order, purpose and place for which you have been created.  God Bless and have a peaceful day in Christ, you receiving and Christ acting in you. 

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2013-09-25 05.37.03     Be Perfect as Your Father in Heaven is Perfect

Aug. 18, 2017

Do you believe that you can be brought to perfection in this life?  If not, I ask you why.  Do you not believe the words of Christ.  Many times when I have brought this up in classes, I have been told that it is not possible, that man cannot do this.  For man it is impossible, but for God, all things are possible.

We all understand the Immaculate Heart of Mary; Mary conceived without sin.  Mary was one of our stock.  Yet Jesus did need to redeem her as well as He redeemed all children.  We must accept salvation history and turn around from how the world has formed us and face God to be transfigured, transformed, to transcend, and be transubstantiated.

Most of us are totally unaware of just how much the world has tainted our souls and continues to taint our souls without our being aware of just how disobedient we are to God because we face the world attempting to please God rather than turning our backs to the world and letting God do the work in our souls. 

Adam and Eve took one bite of the apple to bring this mess into the world, one bite.  How many bites of the apple do you take each day?  How many times do you give life to your will each day, with “I want, I need, I desire?”  When you stop to think about it is over-whelming.  The human will must be purified and the soul so attentive to God that if one were to walk into a restaurant and the hostess were to attempt to seat them in one area, they must not say, “Oh no, I prefer to sit over here.”  You have just placed your will in act.  God chose the place for you to sit, and you placed your will in act with an “I want.” 

All was placed back whole and knew through Him, with Him and in Him on the cross.

Through Him, in Him and with Him lies your perfection and though the power of the Holy Spirit one can be brought to the Beatific Vision on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Mother of Grace is so important in this role.  First, she is one of our stock, Mary, who was conceived without sin,  At any time she could have given life to her will before the Angel appeared to her but she did not.  Hence, it is possible to live without giving life to your will, not taking a bite of the apple.  Her spouse, the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Spirit desires to purge the soul of all sin, “go and sin no more.”  However, we must respond to grace.   We waste so much grace, do not respond to grace given that all in Heaven weeps for us. 

Our suffering is grace but we refuse to receive it as such.  It is given to make a soul perfect as, “though He was the Christ, He was made perfect in what He suffered.”

Those being sanctified and the Sanctifier are of the same stock.  Receive your suffering.  The Angels are jealous of man for they cannot suffer for God, yet 85/90% of suffering is wasted and has no value to Christ.  Christ has no need of our suffering.  He has a need of a pure merit victim that He may rest in and becomes, “No longer I but Christ who lives in me.”  In this, it is Christ’s shoulder in pain, the pain of a dislocated shoulder on His cross.  A wrist twisted with arthritis becomes Christ’s wrist twisted, in pain with the nail piercing restoring God’s glory and repairing for souls running to commit sins with their hands.  It becomes the prayer of Christ on the cross not your’s “offering it up,” for we have no suffering to offer up to Christ, for suffering was complete on the cross.  What He desires is a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving in your suffering.

So, how does a soul arrive at perfection.  The road is narrow, and the gate even narrower, and few will enter.  Few will give up their will to enter by the narrow road to be made perfect in this life.  He asks you this day,  “Do you love me,  Do you love me?” Yes we all respond, and again He asks for the third time, “Do you love me?”  Will we be attentive this day, this very minute to what we say, I hate the heat, I dislike the wind,  I wish it wouldn’t rain, I have had it with so much rain.  All these statements are comments of our will and offenses against the Will of God.  Will you be attentive to be made perfect.  How much do you love. Him?  God bless all on the narrow road!

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